Address Cleansing And Validation Services

Address Cleansing and Validation

Accurately validated addresses are vital for your service delivery, operations and reporting efficiency. Mailing out is now a costly exercise and it can be even more expensive if the mail is not delivered to the right address or the right person.

Datawash can cleanse and correct your invalid addresses and append a DPID (Delivery Point Identifier used in the barcode) to help you qualify for Australia Post’s mailing discounts. Datawash can also update parts of your addresses such as Suburb boundaries, postcodes, etc that change frequently.

Invalid addresses often contain spelling errors in the street or suburb information, missing or incorrect details. Where no DPID can be found for an address, Datawash’s automatic software can clean and correct the errors within the address and improve the quality of the address so that a DPID can be appended with high confidence level.
Lodge a file today and get a free “no obligation” report on the quality of your customer or donor database in no time.

Data Cleaning

Address Cleansing

Typical errors within an address that can be fixed:

  • Street names that have changed or misspelled
  • Adjacent suburb names that have changed or misspelled
  • Wrong postcodes
  • Unwanted or extra punctuations
  • Unwanted additional characters
  • Duplicated or misplaced address components

Address cleansing outputs:

  • Single or combined address components
  • DPID
  • Barcode
  • Single or combined address components

Data Validation

Address Validation

We use AMAS approved software for Address Validation
Address Validation outputs:

  • Single or combined address components
  • DPID
  • Barcode
  • Type of errors found in each address