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In less time than it takes to finish a cup of coffee, Datawash will enable you to know the accuracy
level of your customer or donor databases and help you maintain contact with you most valued buyers and patrons.

National Change of Address

We match your name and address records against Australia Post’s National Change of Address (NCOA) database

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Address Cleansing / Validation

Accurately validated addresses are vital for your service delivery, operations and
reporting efficiency.

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Inactive Address File

At Datawash, we use Australia Post’s NCOA database to identify people who have
moved address on your customer or donor databases.

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Telephone Append

Datawash can append new or changed telephone number to your Name, DPID
and/or address and/or existing telephone number.

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Duplicate Detection

Datawash uses innovative and clever matching tool to identify the same person or an
organisation’s trading name

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Web Service API

Datawash Web Services API offer a platform to help you integrate our Services into
any other applications independently.

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White Label

Datawash’s white label data cleansing solution can help you utilize your business’
unique branding to offer data cleansing services

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Take a look at a sample report, that is emailed to you as soon as a file has been processed online.

Choose Datawash

Why Choose Datawash?

All that is required is for you to upload your file containing names and addresses to the Datawash portal. The file will be automatically processed and generate statistical reports and a quotation. You will only need to pick and choose the results you want to download, and a zip file will be ready for you to download from the portal.

Lodge a file today and get a free “no obligation” report on the quality of your customer or donor database in no time.

Within minutes, the output will be ready for your mailing house, and in separate formats for easy integration into your database system. Upon request and at no cost, custom outputs can be organised.

  • Opt-in now and become a registered user.
  • Within 5 minutes you can commence lodging databases.
  • Within 15 minutes you will have your first free statistics audit.


A free database quality audit report will be available for you instantaneously for every database you check for accuracy. Our portal is available 24/7 for access whenever you need. It takes less than 2 minutes to upload your file.


All clients data is secure with SSL & proprietary encryption. No Cloud systems are used and all data and reference data reside on a single machine in Australia during processing and storage. All client data is deleted in 7 days with written confirmation.


The Datawash services are powered by Australia Post data that is updated weekly. Our services fully comply with the Australian Government’s Privacy Act and every customer has agreed for us to release their updated personal contact details.


Customer retention has a far higher ROI than new acquisition so it is important to track your existing customers as they move about in Australia. With Datawash, it costs nothing to know how many of your customers have changed their contact details.

Datawash brings Address Validation
control to your fingertips

Datawash is an AMAS approved software user for Address Validation. Within minutes and less time than it takes to finish a coffee, Datawash will enable you to know the accuracy level of your customer or donor database

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Why Your Business Needs Database Cleansing and Updating Services

Why Your Business Needs Database Cleansing and Updating Services

Whether you have started a new business, or you have run your business for decades, you are sure to have an onslaught of data in your customer database. In the rush of everyday business, it can be difficult to keep track of the quality and validity of your customer data leading to the accumulation of wrong, incomplete and d

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Prevailing Conditions

Prevailing Conditions

Australia Post has recently increased the postage price AU$1.10 per standard letter. Other size envelopes and packaging costs also continue to rise.

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Quick Fact

Quick Fact

In the five years prior to the 2016 Census, 8.8 million people, or 36% of the population aged 5 years and over, changed their place of residence in Australia.

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