Telephone Append Services

What is Telephone number append?

Obtain or confirm Australian telephone numbers for your customer or donor records. Datawash can append new or changed telephone number to your Name, DPID and/or address and/or existing telephone number. We will also confirm if your existing telephone numbers are present on our database. We have versatile formatting capabilities therefore can present new and changed numbers in variety of ways ie symbols, spacing, brackets, hyphens etc. to match your database formatting and preferences. Our output contains both Mobile and Landline telephone numbers which we provide at different confidence levels.

Telephone Append

Datawash will search for Mobile and landline telephone numbers, and offer all of them as output.

Different data provided:

  • Local telephone number and prefix
  • Mobile telephone number
  • Address
  • Surname and initials

Confidence levels

Datawash specifies the level of confidence with each matched record.

  • At the same address only
  • Same surname, at the same address
  • Same surname and initial / firstname, at the same addresss