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Whether you have started a new business, or you have run your business for decades, you are sure to have an onslaught of data in your customer database. In the rush of everyday business, it can be difficult to keep track of the quality and validity of your customer data leading to the accumulation of wrong, incomplete and duplicate records. One of the best ways to ensure your customer data is accurate and relevant is to consider database cleaning and updating services.

What is Database Cleaning and Updating?

Data cleansing, scrubbing, and updating refers to when the information in your database is accurate and meaningful to adequately support your marketing activities and decision making. This includes removing incorrect or devoid information or data , deleting any duplicate information and updating the information with the most recent and relevant ones..

Another common form of cleaning provided by companies such as Datawash is telephone appending services. These are used to reduce excess costs associated with telemarketing calls and allow for better contact with customers. This form of cleansing allows incorrect phone numbers to be removed from your system, meaning you waste less time and money calling non-existent customers. Furthermore, you are able to prioritize active customer numbers, and therefore gain an advantage over your competition.

What are the benefits of Data and Phone Cleansing and Updating Services?

There are many advantages associated with database cleaning and updating for your business. One of the biggest benefits with these processes is costs reduction. By not needing to scour through endless sources to obtain correct information on your customers, you can easily access relevant information such as addresses and telephone numbers much faster than normal. You can also guarantee correct customer details meaning you will not risk sending notifications and mail to the wrong customers. Finally, and most importantly, you will stop wasting time and getting frustrated when key information isn’t readily available.

Where can I get Data Cleansing and Updating Services?

Database Cleaning and Updating services are crucial part of every successful business, but it is important you choose a trusted company to undergo the process. With Datawash, you are guaranteed a free data quality audit report that provides you with a snapshot of the quality of your database. Further, when giving others access to confidential and important information, trust is a key factor to consider. Datawash ensures that all your information is secured with proprietary encryption and SSL and your data is never stored in the ‘cloud’, meaning, it cannot be accessed by any other parties.Moreover, once you are content with their cleaning and updating services, your information will be automatically deleted from Datawash’s database within 7 working days or earlier if you require them to do so.

Datawash can provide businesses with a range of services involving database cleansing and updating,Telephone appending, address cleaning and validation, National changes of address, left address as well us flagging individuals who passed away and are still in your customer database. If you are interested in any of their services, you can start by obtaining your first free data quality audit report today. Simply contact Datawash via their website to take the first step towards having an accurate and high-quality customer database.


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