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Datawash are your advanced database cleaners. There are a few names that it goes by; data cleansing, data scrubbing or data cleaning, however the method and outcome are the same for all three.

Datawash are a trusted company that know what they’re doing. Here are some of the problems that occur with databases that we see on an ongoing basis, that cause issues for their business:

  • Change of address and Left Address
  • Deceased people’s details still in databases
  • Misspelled or changed street names
  • Misspelled, changed or adjacent suburbs
  • Incorrect postcodes
  • Excess punctuation
  • Accidental special characters
  • Repeated or misplaced components

We can clean, scrub or cleanse a database so that it becomes a tool that operates to its full potential.

We can make sure that the right information is being added correctly, to ensure consistency and accuracy, especially if a number of different people have access to the input process. Datawash can save businesses money and time by ensuring they have a healthy, clean database ready to utilize to its full potential.

Datawash can clean up addresses that cannot be validated to attain a DPID (Delivery Point Identifier used in the mailing barcode) in order to qualify for mailing discounts. We can update various parts of an address that change from time to time (Street Number, Street Name, Suburb, State, Postcodes, etc) too.

We understand that businesses don’t always have the time to keep an accurate, up-to-date database that fundamentally is the tool used to leverage communication between business and customer. It’s a task that gets pushed to the side and if it’s not set up correctly from the outset, it opens up the risk to a non-sustainable, ‘dirty’ database.

Datawash will clean, scrub, cleanse one of your business’ most precious assets, your database. By doing this you will increase ROI, productivity, customer relationship management, standardize your data capture and minimize duplicates. For a healthy database, a healthy business, choose Datawash.


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