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Address validation is an important tool for any business. It ensures accuracy for your address data so that you’re not wasting time and money. It can be a costly exercise when you’re sending a large amount of mail out to many different addresses. It can be even more of an expense if your mail is not ending up at the correct address!

Having an accurate postal address validation is important for your business for communicating and engaging with clients and/or customers. You’re able to keep in touch more effectively and maintain a long lasting customer relationship.

Whilst it’s fair to say that a lot of communication these days is digital, we still have a strong presence of postal communication. Making sure you have accurate address validation will ensure that your marketing material, invoices and shipments all get to their intended destination.

By having up-to-date addresses you’ll minimise wastage, print and delivery costs. You’ll also be saving yourself a headache if the customer does not receive their goods as intended! In addition, you’ll reduce duplications, improve customer database analytics, ROI and build positive customer relationship management.

Datawash can ensure your business receives effective address validation. It’s a must if you’re operating in real-time, for example, by entering addresses into your systems (great for call centre operators or customers entering address details on your website). It’s a stress-free process that’s essential to your business’s database sustainability and growth.


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