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Using accurate phone numbers can make positive contribution to your telemarking campaign. Datawash’s phone append and verification services help you to communicate with your prospects and businesses. We offer extensive coverage, quality data, fast turnaround, high match rates and the outmost degree of accuracy services to help fine-tune your existing customer contact information. We provide a fast and easy way to verify and add new telephone numbers to your customer, donor and prospect database

  • At Datawash, we understand how inaccurate, missing or incomplete telephone numbers result in wasted resources, increase cost through reduced efficiency and the risks associated with brand reputation.
  • We have approximately 6 million unique telephone records in our reference file consisting of 4.3 million individual and 1.7 million business records. This data is collated from approved national phone directory sources which are regularly updated to ensure data integrity and the mitigation of risk relating to compliance thereby helping you stay connected to your customers, prospects, donors etc.
  • With a high level of certainty, Datawash will append the new or changed telephone numbers when name, DPID and/or address and/or existing telephone numbers for both individuals and businesses are provided. We will also verify if we match existing telephone numbers. Datawash can present new and changed numbers with various symbol, spacing, brackets, hyphens etc. to match your database formatting,
  • We have one of the lowest pricing in the market and you pay for only changed output records you want to update as we do not charge upfront costs. Our pricing varies depending on the number of records in your input file.
  • We offer multiple phone append and verification services through our web portal as well as our API platforms. These platforms support our phone append and verification as well as our address cleansing and updating services.
  • All our products are back up by our experienced team of experts who are passionate about helping our customers get the most out of their marketing efforts.
  • Our internet browser functionality and server are available at 24/7 unencumbered secure access from your keyboard.
  • At Datawash, we value the security of your data extremely highly. All confidential data uploaded to or downloaded from the Datawash portal is protected by SSL Certification and proprietary encryption. Cloud systems are not used in any manner.
  • Our services are governed by and adhere to the Federal Government’s Australian Privacy Act. No client data is shared with other parties and is deleted from the Datawash servers within 7 days of processing with written confirmation of its purging. Try our free Data Quality Audit service Our data quality audit service is comprehensive and free. Visit us at this link to register, upload a file and receive a free statistical report within minutes (depending .on size of database).


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