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Building up your marketing database is an important tool for many reasons when it comes to your business. Your database is the stepping stone in providing direct marketing between your business and its audience. It’s one of the most effective ways to send out important information, lead generation, growth and conversion and support your ROI. A strong marketing database is essential to your business model, from large corporations, right down the line to small businesses. You can create segmentation and target audiences to suit your message, it’s simple if you’re organised.

However, if you’re not, your system starts to breakdown.

A marketing database immediately loses its capabilities if it’s not used correctly, neglected or mismanaged. Your database can start to harm your business rather than a tool for success and customer retention.

Having inconsistent data or incomplete data can cause issues such as incorrect personalisation, which can be detrimental considering there’s more chance of success with telemarketing when the correct name and phone number details are used in telemarketing campaigns. Another common problem is duplication; receiving a piece of communication more than once doesn’t reflect well on your business, it also counts as a double up when you’re analysing database numbers. There are also the obvious ones, outdated postal address is wasted money for postage and administration purposes, incorrect phone numbers are a waste of time and money and incorrect email address means a bounce back and poor ROI.

It’s therefore crucial to keep your database clean in order to support optimal marketing ROI. Your data needs to be accurate and complete, so that you clearly know who your audience is and how you’re tracking. Unfortunately the cleansing processes can be costly and time consuming, making it almost impossible to manually keep in full control of an error-free marketing database. However, this can be avoided if you keep a clean, up-to-date database and ensure that it’s being utilised correctly. This is where Datawash steps in; we can help you take the hassle and stress out of keeping your database up-to-date to ensure it is accurate every time you’re ready to send out a marketing campaign to your clients and/or audience.

From your keyboard, access the Datawash portal including Australia Post’s address validation, change of address, return to sender, left address flags, deceased flags, plus telephone number append and advanced duplicate detection services.

Datawash portal will send you free statistics audits instantaneously for every database checked for accuracy. There are no upfront costs and you only pay for those updated records you decide to download.

We’ve discussed the negative effects of a stale database, so what does a clean, healthy database bring to your business? Control! You can reduce postage cost, printing and administration instantly and concentrate on being the most informed person about direct marketing ROI by quickly calculating the potential revenue and cost savings for not using out of date records. Datawash is a super easy and effective way of keeping on top of such an imperative marketing tool for your business.


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