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National Change of Address (NCOA) is a service that assists businesses to update their customer database with new addresses of their customers when they move.

Approximately 17% of Australiana move annually. When they move, over 70% notify Australia Post using the mail redirection service. Around 25% give consent to Australia Post for their movement details to be released.

The NCOA process thus involves the matching of people or business names and address on a client’s mailing list to the name and address information stored by Australia Post when a mail redirection is lodged. Individuals and businesses who give consent to Australia Post to release their new address will be included in the output if matched with the client’s mailing list. Where consent is not given, the record is flagged as a Left Address. The record is flagged where the person is identified as deceased.

The NCOA information is updated on a weekly basis to ensure you obtain the latest information available

Our National Change of Address service ensures you:

  • maintain contact with your customers and reduce customer-attrition.
  • clean and update your customer address details prior to mailing out.
  • quickly identify valued customers who have moved address.
  • highlight at risk valued customers who have moved.
  • reduce postage costs, printing and administration.
  • save employee resources to administer and handle postage multiple times.
  • improve your compliance with the Australian Privacy Act and the Australian Direct Marketing Association guidelines.


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