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Data Cleansing or Data Scrubbing – Benefiting Marketers

Data cleansing, data scrubbing or data cleaning – Regardless of the name, let Datawash help you.

  • What percentage of your data is undeliverable?
  • How many records are incomplete?
  • How many are duplicates?
  • Do you have any individuals in your database who are deceased?
  • Are you confident that you can submit the cleanest file we have ever seen?

Data cleansing or data cleaning or data scrubbing is the process of amending or removing data in a database that is inappropriate, incomplete, improperly formatted, or duplicated. Using a data cleansing bureau service like Datawash Pty Ltd can save you a significant amount of time and money than fixing the errors manually in your premises.

Data changes over time and it is a fact that keeping track of these changes can be a task and costly. Data cleansing is the first step to ensuring you maximise the potential return on investment from your data. Is your data delivering measureable results?

Free data quality audit report

Is your data as clean enough to help you maximize your campaign ROI? The only way to find this out is either by mailing your entire file and counting the returns and cost of these returns or by utilising a bureau data cleansing service. Datawash Pty Ltd’ free data quality audit report provides an accurate picture of the data you hold informing you of the real state of play in terms of your data quality and your need to complete a data cleansing exercise.

Using data cleansing services regularly will benefit you in the following way:
Reduced costs

Save money on your mailings. Data cleansing or data scrubbing appends flags to indicate deceased and left address records which can then be excluded from campaigns as well as providing new addresses for movers. By removing the undeliverable records from the campaign list, you also reduce your postage and production costs.

Protect your brand image by mailing to your customers’ correct name and address

Data cleansing enables the accurate flagging and management of duplicate records. Sending the same mail to the same person twice or addressing the mailing to a person who has moved is detrimental to a company’s brand. People are far more likely to discount a company’s brand where the company has sent them mail with the wrong name or address details.

Improve response rate

When you exclude the individuals or businesses that have moved from your campaign list, you will mail less and still receive the same number of responses. This can significantly increase your response rate and provide correct insight to support your marketing strategy. Without data cleansing you cannot accurately measure your response rate as your figures are affected by records which need not be mailed or contacted.

Comply with the Australian Privacy Principles as well as Australia Direct Marketing Association’s codes.

The Australian Privacy Principles require that all personal information a company collects, uses or discloses must be accurate, complete and up-to-date. Similarly, the Australian Direct Marketing Association have compiled codes of practice for all organisations carrying out direct marketing activities. A part of these codes requires that companies ensure data accuracy at all times.

Datawash will keep your database cleansed, up-to-date, quickly identify customers who have moved and ensure their details have been changed before your campaign. As a licensee of the Australia Post National Change of Address (NCOA) and various other national databases, we can guarantee the most up to date knowledge of customer movements and a high professional standard of managing client data security.

Lodge your customer file to for a free data quality audit and reap the benefits.


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