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Data Cleansing or Data Scrubbing

Data Cleansing or Data Scrubbing – Benefiting Marketers Data cleansing, data scrubbing or data cleaning – Regardless of the name, let Datawash help you. What percentage of your data is undeliverable? How many records are incomplete? How many are duplicates? Do you have any individuals in your da


Deceased Suppression

When people pass away, mail is no longer appropriate. Sending a direct mail to the wrong address is useless. At the same rate, using the wrong name in a marketing message is humiliating. However, failing to apply deceased suppression to your customer data management is both of these things and worse. According to th


Will Telephone Append help my business?

Absolutely! Telephone append helps any business that has customer database of any size and communicates intermittently with its customers on the phone or conducts telemarketing campaigns to both existing and new customers. Telemarketing and cold emailing are both common prospecting methods. However, the usefulness of a qua


Top 5 Advantages of Telephone Appending Service

Telephone appending is the process that uses the name and address information and other available data sources on a business’ database to find phone numbers pertaining to the customers on the database. Telephone has been one of the easiest and direct methods of contact for businesses in their day to day operations and cu


Return to Sender, Address unknown

“I gave a letter to the postman, He put it in his sack. Bright in early next morning, He brought my letter back. Return to sender, address unknown. No such number, no such zone.” Like Elvis said, return to sender mail can be a result of an incomplete address, the addressee doesn’t live at the address, moved out or


Address Validation and why it is important for your business

Businesses of all sizes understand the importance of an up-to-date and accurate addresses in their customer database. Address Validation is the initial step of ensuring the accuracy of a customer database. Whilst some businesses use their database as a regular business tool, others use it intermittently, however in any inst


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