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Data Cleansing: Why do you need to do it?

According to the research from TDWI most businesses spend more time filtering and cleaning their database rather than actually using it. Let’s be honest, who has time for continuous database maintenance when your time can be better utilised elsewhere? Let’s be honest, who has time for continuous database maintenance


Here’s why you need to clean your marketing data regularly

Building up your marketing database is an important tool for many reasons when it comes to your business. Your database is the stepping stone in providing direct marketing between your business and its audience. It’s one of the most effective ways to send out important information, lead generation, growth and conversion a


Postage price increase

Since 2 October 2017, Australia Post increased their prices. These price changes affect all services which can often mean the beloved, personal form of ‘snail mail’ can cost more than what is in the envelope. Whilst the increase is relatively small for an individual service, i.e. the postage price per standard lette

How can White Labelling a database cleansing and updating solution help your business?

As a Database Management Agency or a Mailing House, have you ever been asked by a key client to supply a database cleansing and updating service and you had to say “no” because you did not have the capabilities in-house? Or have you been striving to contend with your competitors in offering database cleansing and updat

Benefits of white labelling Data Cleaning services for your Business

As an entrepreneur and a reseller of database cleansing and updating related services, it is natural for you when looking for data cleansing and updating solutions to apply a do-it-yourself approach because that’s what entrepreneurship is all about. This approach is however not always the best as building a customized da


Database Cleaning in Australia – Why DataWash

Datawash are your advanced database cleaners. There are a few names that it goes by; data cleansing, data scrubbing or data cleaning, however the method and outcome are the same for all three. Datawash are a trusted company that know what they’re doing. Here are some of the problems that occur with databases that we se


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